Sunday, December 21, 2014

Network Marketing and Your Personal Economy

Network marketing success is achieved by people who are focused on their own personal economy, NOT on the economy in general. Who cares how great the corporations are doing? It's about what you are able to make happen in your own sphere of influence.

As 2014 comes to a close, I am considering MLM once more. What has changed? Just me. I'm in a new place with new needs and wants. Changes, too. Lots of changes.

Once I decide what I'll be doing, I'll post more here. I'm can tell you right now what I won't be posting. I won't be posting about having found the next best, most perfect network  marketing opportunity ever to be devised.

They are all about the same these days. Yes, I know some have been around for decades and others months, but for the most part, they are all about the same. The variables are the people. Great products abound, but based upon what I have learned over the years, the people matter more.

All MLM's get bashed, take heat, are called scams and suffer from bad press generated by disgruntled reps who -- for whatever reason -- were unable to build a team or become a happy customer.

No matter which company you or I select, there will be plenty online about that we could find and use to talk ourselves out of taking the leap into the possibilities that MLM offers. The road blocks are real. If they weren't all it would take would be signing on the dotted line.

I don't typically make New Year's resolutions, but maybe this year I will make one. To set aside fear and allow myself to accept that his industry exists for a reason, and I am drawn to it for a reason. Only you know why you just read all this, and why, maybe, you agree with me.

If so, here's to a 2015 where we kick fear to the curb.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NOT Just Another Lead Program

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Fully can-spam compliant email leads are typically extremely pricey. And for good reason. They are real people who are actively looking for a way to make more money online, right now. That's a valuable lead!

The lead program I'm posting about tonight provides you with 150,000 can-spam compliant leads every month, for a price that will blow your mind!

It also provides:

* 100% Commissions Paid Out Instantly!

* 150,000 Fresh (7-21 Day Old) Opportunity Leads Each Month

* Continuously Updated and Expanding Members Area

* On-Going Training Via Webinars / Tel-A-Seminars

* Multiple (Super Cool) Ways To Get Leads For ANY Program!

Check it out today 'cause I know you need and want more leads than you can handle at an AMAZING price!

Monday, April 18, 2011

80% of Success...

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Government Shutdown? End of the Middle Class?

What happens to you and yours if these things come to pass? I just posted about this on my other MLM blog.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Groupon, Living Social and The Customer Advantage

By now you've heard about Groupon and Living Social. They are awesome companies changing the face of local business in a super cool way. And now we have The Customer Advantage doing the same thing but with a serious twist - they pay YOU!

Instead of "just" designing a great deal for the business owner to gather new customers; and instead of "just" orchestrating 50%-off deals or better for customers, The Customer Advantage will pay you for referring those businesses and customers.

You see Groupon has it going on, no one can deny that. Bottom line we all love it when we get a great deal. But they are not too far removed from the typical business that is all about it's own profits. Don't get me wrong, I know they are socially responsible and it is nice that they are spreading their profits around in really cool and helpful ways. It gives us the warm fuzzies, but does that help us pay the bills?

The difference with TCA is that they are designing great deals for local businesses to gain more attention and more customers by offering a percentage of their profits to you for spreading the word. So they are empowering local communities at the local level to really come together locally and thrive where you live! Did I mention it's local and about re-energizing local communities??

It's that boot-strapping thing we all know, where we pull ourselves up instead of waiting around for the government to suddenly, miraculously start working for the people again. It's word of mouth marketing at it's finest, and if you're reading this, and I think you are, then it's something you already know more about than most people.

The Customer Advantage is attractive to people who know nothing about mlm because it's not your typical mlm opportunity. Watch the videos on the main page and join for free today.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Using Social Networks to Build Your MLM Home Business

If you’ve been wondering just how to best use Social Networks to build your network marketing business, this may be just what you’ve been waiting for if…

  • You’re not generating hundreds of leads every month
  • You aren’t making at least 6-figures in your business
  • You’ve ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed out by everything you have to learn and do
  • Or you simply want a shortcut for getting more results, faster.

If any of this applies to you, then you’ll definitely want to watch this video Tim Erway just put up for you.

You can watch the "What If" video here:


Remember, it’s only going to be up for a couple days, so go watch it now while you still can.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Will Re-Open On Thursday, August 20th

But only for 19 hours. If you missed the initial offering of this course, that took Mike Dillard from waiting tables to six-figures in 18 months, here's your chance to get it now. This is his complete blueprint to exactly duplicate what works to build a MLM organization today.

I highly recommend following Mike's lead if you are serious about making money with network marketing. It is not as easy as is implied when you are starting out and this really is must-know information that most MLM sponsors do not know how to teach.

Watch the video here for all of the details:

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

So the window you're looking at here is 19 hours, from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM Central.

My best,


Friday, July 10, 2009

MLM and Article Marketing

Are you writing and submitting articles about your MLM product or service yet? Are you doing it by hand, one at a time? If so, you're going to love this new software. And if you're not doing article marketing because you hate writing then listen up:

You can have 100 unique articles ready to auto-post to the directories within seconds of writing just one (or re-working some plr, or outsourcing the writing to a freelancer for a few dollars).

You read that right. Write just one piece of say 300 to 500 words, and parlay that one-time effort into 100 (or often a lot more) unique pieces of content to post to article directories. And if you've shopped around for article spinners and realized they are all junk, you'll be please with this software. I can't explain the technology, but I have seen the output and the articles read well. You just need to make sure that what you start with is high quality (everyone's heard of GIGO by now, right? Garbage In, Garbage Out)

OK, so it'll write you a bunch of articles, but now you're telling me you don't want to sit for 12 hours to do the posting yourself? Then you really need to check this out, because not only does it re-work your writing, but it auto-posts to the directories for you. In a word: Sweet.

So if you're not yet using this powerful Internet marketing technique, for whatever reason, or if you're doing it the hard way, check out this system and you will probably change your mind today. It's that powerful and EASY.

Article marketing software

Oh and there's a special offer running right now. No not one of those bogus ones where they pretend the sale ends at midnight:-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fountain of Life New MLM Company

Who knows? Maybe Fountain of Life will be the next big thing? Here are the details to get more info. (I'm not a rep. If you want this link to connect with your website for a small monthly fee, use comments to contact me):

Fountain of Life is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas. Their cornerstone product is VaNu, a blend of Acai and other Superfoods sweetened with Agava.

Fountain of Life
1900 South Main Street
Suite 101, 3rd Floor
Grapevine Texas 76051
Phone: 817 310 0096
Fax: 817 310 1042

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
Mark MacCloskey, Founder and CEO
Steve Dong, COO
Michael MacCloskey, HR/Customer Relations

Sunday, May 03, 2009

My Husband Went to a MLM Quixtar Meeting...

A friend mentioned yesterday that her husband had been to "one of those multi-level business MLM meetings." The company was Quixtar (which is Amway no matter how you slice it). She said "I told him no way! Those things are all scams."

So I piped up and gave her my opinion, which I had never actually spoken aloud to anyone until then. So I didn't really know just what I was about to say.

Based on my own personal experience, I told her how I really feel about network marketing these days. I told her that MLM isn't a scam, it's a legitimate business model, but it's not right for most people. Because most people burn through their warm market with the initial excitement, and then quit because most of their friends aren't interested in being entrepreneurs or sales people.

This means all the money spent up to that point is lost. Sure you get some good products, and might settle in as a customer (just what the company is hoping) but the income you were imagining never materializes. (I didn't bore her with the litany of companies I've been with, including Quixtar, and only spent money, never made much or nothing.)

I told her that though they make it sound easy at the meetings, it isn't easy in practice. I then told her that, based on his personality, her husband is probably among the small percentage of people who could do really well in MLM. Then I said that even so, I don't recommend it because to be one who is wildly successful, you often must bring in a lot of "sacrificial reps" along the way.

What do I mean by that? Well, I mean those charismatic, outgoing people who are able to persuade and charm people into joining, even though the likelihood of them succeeding too, is slim. And so you won't feel bad for them, you're taught by your upline that those who fail are just losers who won't "do what it takes" to make it and so deserve to fail.

I don't know if he will go ahead and take the plunge, either way is OK of course, but I felt compelled to tell my friend what I feel is the truth of MLM. Most people won't make the big money they entice you with at those meetings, and there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

What do you think? I know there are some successful network marketers out there and maybe you're one of them. Or maybe you're new to all this. Either way, please leave a comment as this is an important topic. And keep it civil please.


Digital Pens and Tablets

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Viral List Building Software. This is why my list is bigger than yours...

I'm evaluating a viral listbuilding software tool from the folks at It's
the fastest, simplest and easiest way to build your list that I've seen in a long while.

Here's all you

  • Create a short ad that promotes
    your newsletter or ezine
  • Add some
    code to the pages of your website
  • ... sit back and watch your list

ListHero helps you generate 1,000's of highly targeted subscribers for free and pays you generous affiliate commissions as your list grows.

I'll let you know what I think of it once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile go grab access to this free viral listbuilding software while it's still free. And watch the video to see how it works.

ListHero Is The Fastest,
Easiest, Simplest
Way To Build Your List For

Dedicated to your success,

Tracy Austin

Monday, January 12, 2009

MLM Budgeting Made Super Simple - Watch Video

You can go broke building your MLM home business, if you don't determine your budget and stick to it!

I know after 14 years of pursuing the MLM dream:-)

Here is the best course on budgeting that I know, that can turn your networking hopes into success in 2009. Please watch the video and post your comments. This is info that can truly change your life, if you take action.

I'm ready for success in MLM!

To your success,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cash Flow a Problem as you build Your MLM Business?

Budgeting enough money to get your home business off the ground can be tricky.

Each time you turn around you seem to spend every dollar you have on advertising and find you're still not getting ahead in your business.

It basically will nickel and dime you to death.

You really can't get ahead in your business if you have to spend a ton on advertising, especially when you are first starting out.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could show you basically step by step how you can build your home business without spending a ton of money while doing it?

Well, there is some good news.

I recently came across something that I think will really help your business as it has mine.

It is a videos series by a guy named Mike Dillard called "Building On A Budget".

In these videos Mike shows you how to build any home business for $500 or less.

I took these free videos and purchased his ridiculously low priced book, and within two weeks of applying the techniques he teaches and am now getting as many as 10 new qualified prospects per day.

The best part is that I did not spend much money while doing it.

Now I have the tools to grow my business without getting nickel and dimed to death.

You can get free access to these videos by going here...

building on a budget

Enjoy your new found wealth,

Tracy Austin

Monday, April 28, 2008

Get Cash Back When You Advertise Your MLM Business

I came across this system a few days ago and got involved today. It took me awhile to be sure I understood correctly that they pay me continually for a one-time purchase of $79 worth of advertising that I can use to promote any business I want to.

The program I joined is their $12k in 10 Weeks plan. I joined for $86.90 ($79 plus a 10% processing fee) and am now positioned in the Steel and Copper matrices. About now you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about so just click here and start the learning process for yourself: Advertisers Get Cash Back.

I assure you that once you “get” this, you will want in, too. Just sign-in as a free member and then you can surf around the back office. Go to the Member Support area and watch the videos there. The most important is the $12k in 10 Weeks one, but watching them all will get you up to speed quickly.

They have conference calls and training calls throughout the week, and I and my upline are here to help you with any questions.

This is a powerful program that will knock your socks off when it clicks for you, I promise. The gist of the $12 in 10 Weeks is getting two people signed up under you in your first week and helping them do the same. If it takes longer that’s ok, because you will still get there! How? Because the company is constantly advertising for you, and places people in your matrix for you if need be, so no one is left out. You get paid faster if you can bring 2 people in, but if not, you are still golden.

I don’t put my name behind very many things, and had to pick over this in detail before joining and promoting it here. Take a look. You will be pleased that you did. It’s a product that everyone marketing online needs -advertising that works - combined with an ingenious system that pays us all cash back for using the system. Faster if we promote it ourselves, too.

Check it out now: Advertisers Get Cash Back.
There are other levels you can join at, too. Higher and lower than the $79 I mention here.

Call anytime with questions: 1-888-617-0014 or 1-413-773-0779


To put it another way:

Advertising and Perpetual Cycling


Someone has figured out the secret to advertising and nearly perpetual cycling.

A Top Notch team of Network Marketers with over 30 years experience in venture capital, financial planning and, of course, network marketing has figured out how to make the 2×2 system work for you!

You can cycle over and over again either passively or actively.

Why didn’t someone think of this before?

Some might think it’s Magic but it’s not. It’s just solid business, math and planning.

This mathematically solid system provides a nearly perfect system of “Paying it Forward” to help all participants move consistently and methodically through a Follow Your Sponsor 2×2 paying out $200 and a paid re-entry with every cycle.

Better yet, with your purchase you are receiving a valuable advertising package, not some vaporware, worthless leads or vague promises.

This is the REAL Deal!

For active marketers, you can generate HUGE Matching Bonuses and Fast Cycling because the system advertises for all members to help them push through the system. The more direct referrals you have, the more money you’ll make and the more advertising credits you’ll earn.

Better yet, for BIG Players, you’ll be able to participate in up to FIVE (5) Matrices that payout as much as $3,200 per cycle! Now, that’s REAL money.

Even free members can earn! When your direct referrals cycle you’ll earn a lucrative matching bonus, too!

This project has something for everyone.

And, even though the NAME is Magic, the business model is sound and long lasting.

Join now, attend one of our Live Web or Telephone Presentations and learn how you can participate and how the team at Revenue Magic will help you participate in the power of the 2×2 earning daily pay commissions over and over and over again.

Log-in now for fre*e, attend an informational conference and give me a call with your questions anytime. I’ll get back with you usually in just a few hours if not sooner: 1-888-617-0014.


Tracy Austin